​Strava Insights highlights the world's fittest cities

London and Paris are fitter than your city

Strava is an absolute data goldmine, and the information the fitness app collects about your runs and rides is the reason it's so addictive. Those King of the Mountain awards and segment records bring you workouts to life, and now with Strava insights, you can see how you compare to the rest of the world.

Strava Insights lets you sort stats by cycling or running, and then travel the globe to see how the major cities stack up.

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It's a similar project to what Jawbone has been working on with the London Design Museum, but in a typically Strava fashion, you can pit cities against each other. And some of the differences between cities are stark.

For example, in the Ashes of Strava running – London v Sydney – the Antipodeans run 30 seconds slower per mile on average. Up your game Aussies.

Other key stats are:

  • Paris is the fastest running city with an average pace of 8.56/mi
  • Amsterdam clocked the fastest average speed per ride with 25.6km/hr
  • Londoners run the most, clocking up 3,034,311 jogs in total

Check the stats out for yourself at the Strava Insights site.

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