This bionic woman did a half marathon in a ReWalk robotic exoskeleton

Claire Lomas - we salute you
The half-marathon exoskeleton
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The fact that robotic exoskeletons are incredible almost goes without saying. But we got a little reminder of this over the weekend when Claire Lomas, who is paralysed from the chest down, completed the Great North Run half marathon in a ReWalk suit.

This bionic woman's feat has totally flabbergasted us. It's not just the fact that the 36 year-old was able to travel 13.1 miles in a robotic exoskeleton. Lomas is also 16 weeks pregnant.

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Oh, and she was walking for five days to complete the course which starts in Newcastle, UK. In 2012, she even was able to finish the London Marathon.

We've featured the ReWalk suit on the site before - it doesn't walk for the user but instead uses motion sensors on their feet, hips and upper body to detect movement and control the exoskeleton.

A backpack contains an 8 hour battery which is how Lomas was able to complete 3 miles of the Great North Run a day. And she used crutches to keep her balance which is quite common for these kind of robo-suits.

Lomas, who was paralysed in a horse riding accident in 2007, took part in the Run to raise money for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation - you can donate here.

Via: BBC News

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