Which Polar running watch is best for you?

A comprehensive roundup of the top Polar devices to buy now
The best Polar watch

Picking the top Polar running watch or activity tracker is no easy task. The Finnish sports tracking giant has launched an array of new wrist-based wearables in the last couple of years, looking to track your everyday activities, your workouts, your runs - while at the same time monitoring your heart rate and keeping you up to speed with your smartphone notifications.

There's a huge difference, not just in terms of price, between the top-end Polar GPS running watch and the basic activity tracking models, so read on to find out what Polar device is best for you...

Best Polar running watch for serious runners: Polar V800

What Polar running watch should you buy?

The V800 launched back in 2014, but it still remains the go-to watch for hardcore runners, cyclists and triathletes looking to jump aboard the good ship Polar. This rugged multisport GPS watch delivers superb battery life (13 hours of training with GPS on and 50 hours in GPS low power mode), tracks an array of sports and there's a host of smart coaching modes.

Pair it with a new H10 heart rate monitor and you can also unlock the V800's zonal training smarts, to ensure you're sweating it out enough to achieve the right effect. You can also hook it up to a shoe pod and it'll give you cadence, stride length and other insights to help hone your running form.

It's a bit of an ugly beast, and looks pretty dated now and its distinct heft will put off most from wanting to wear it all day and night but, for in-depth training, there is no better option from the Polar stable.

The Polar M430, a sequel to the M400 (below) rather than the V800 bridges the gap - in terms of design at least - until we see a genuine V800 successor.

Feature check: GPS, recovery status, activity tracking, cadence, route import, race pace, route guidance, cycling, swimming, notifications.

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$499.95, polar.com | Amazon

Best Polar running watch for casual runners: Polar M400

What Polar running watch should you buy?

Also pretty date now and, as mentioned above, succeeded by the M430 now, the M400 remains a strong candidate for Team Polar. The M400 was also Polar's first dip in the smartwatch waters (more on that in a bit), as it offered smartwatch notifications long before it arrived on any other Polar GPS running watch.

Unlike the V800 it doesn't play nicely with quite as many accessories and cycling cadence sensors are not an option. However, on the plus side, the design is actually much better than its rather pricier stablemate. Then there's the simple USB charging that does away with the need for a unique charging cable or dock. That's always a winner.

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In terms of running, the Back to the Start feature is very handy - it guides you home via the most direct route using a GPS marker stored at the start of each run. There's also neat feedback on the overall training benefit from the run you've just done, which helps you determine whether you've been burning fat, improving cardio and what effect this has had on your body.

Feature check: GPS, recovery status, activity tracking, cadence, notifications.

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$179.95, polar.com | Amazon

Best Polar smartwatch: Polar M600

What Polar running watch should you buy?

The M600 is very much a Polar running watch first and an Android Wear smartwatch second, so much so that it's almost inaccurate to compare it to the current crop of Google smartwatches.

One push fires up the app on your phone, which is your gateway to tracking runs and workouts. GPS run tracking is on the money and the stats and metrics the excellent Flow app provide post-run make it the top smartwatch for runners.

However, what sets it apart from its Polar brethren is that Android Wear OS, which means an array of extra features and, of course, the opportunity to tap into Google's rich array of third party apps, watch faces and widgets.

Feature check: Android Wear, GPS, activity tracking, third party apps, heart rate, multisport.

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$329.95, polar.com | Amazon

Best Polar running watch on a budget: Polar M200

What Polar running watch should you buy?

The M200 is a scaled down, rounder version of the M400, which comes in a bit cheaper than its square-faced brother. Like the M400, it tracks pace, distance and altitude via built-in GPS, has that nifty Back to Start feature, and also has an optical heart rate monitor built in for bpm training.

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While we found it to be capable running companion, which also works with Polar's training programs, the smart notifications aren't so good. So if that's a big deal for you, you might find yourself swapping it for another watch once you're done running.

Feature check: GPS, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, notifications.

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$149.95, polar.com | Amazon

Best Polar fitness tracker: Polar A370

best polar watch

Polar recently unveiled the A370, a fitness tracker sequel to the Polar A360 that's big on sleep tracking. Polar's Sleep Plus intelligent sleep system will harnesses accelerometer based tech to detect duration, timing and quality of sleep based on a user's position and wrist movements. It uses polysomnography, a reference measurement, which is the test used to assess sleep in science and medicine.

It packs in all of the same tracking features as the A360, as well 24/7 heart rate monitoring taking resting heart rate readings at five minute intervals. There's smartphone notification support too, giving you a buzz when there's activity on your synced smartphone.

Feature check: Activity tracking, improved sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, notifications.

Wareable verdict coming soon: Polar A370 guide

$179.95, polar.com

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