And Finally: Oculus Rift 2 already in the works and more

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And Finally: Oculus Rift 2 in progress

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Oculus Rift 2 is in development

Oculus Rift consumer edition revealed

Palmer Luckey just confirmed that Oculus Rift CV2 - let's call it - is already in progress. That's despite the fact that we won't see the first consumer edition CV1 until the first quarter of 2016. Luckey confirmed the existence of the second Oculus Rift to UploadVR this week saying that there are components with long lead times which will have to wait for version two.

One feature which could come to the Rift 2 is integration with the real world - an early prototype had a built in camera and Oculus is investing in computer vision companies. For now, check out our first impressions of gaming on Oculus Rift, our hands on with Oculus Touch and our explanation of how VR actually works.

Capcom's wearable Mega Man helmet

Fans are going pretty crazy over this wearable, light up Mega Man helmet - it's up for pre-order from Capcom for $150 in "very limited quantities".

It's described as a high quality replica of the robot character's helmet, following on from the popularity of the Buster Gun replica on sale from Think Geek. If nothing else, it's the ultimate fancy dress prop.

Withings Activité gets auto swim tracking

Withings Activité Pop

Withings' fitness watches now automatically track your swimming. Both of its watches are waterproof down to 50m and Withings noted on its Twitter profile that many users have requested this feature.

The Activité devices should detect that you're swimming as soon as you dive in and start your breaststroke/doggy paddle. The tracker will track time spent swimming as well as calories burned - basic for now but Withings plans to introduce more swimming features in the next few months.

Tempted? Check out our Withings Activité review and our Withings Activité Pop review to find out the other fitness features on offer from these fitness trackers disguised as regular wristwatches. If they aren't your style, here's our top waterproof fitness trackers.

Skugga sunglasses tint instantly

These electrochromic sunglasses can tint either instantly when you move from indoors to outdoors or vice versa using an ambient light sensor and liquid crystal filters. That's compared to regular photochromic sunglasses which take several seconds to change when exposed to ultraviolet light. The $240 Skugga glasses can also alter tint on command via a smartphone app. They charge wirelessly and can last 8 hours in auto mode. Worth it for a few seconds? The jury's out but it's nifty tech nonetheless.

If you like these, check out some more stylish wearable tech from designer names and futuristic student concepts from the RCA and Central Saint Martins.

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  • virtrealitytime says:

    Wow! We have not seen the Oculus 1st yet while the 2nd is already prepared to ascend the throne, not too fast I says? But the thing that got my attention is the concentration upon improving Oculus's relationship with the real world while the user is enjoying virtual ones, this has to be improved somehow for the product to get success.On the other hand, Megaman helmet is also cool.

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