Xiaomi's $16 Mi Smart Weight Scale joins its budget smart home system

Xiaomi smartwatch no-show as the internet of things gets really, really cheap

Xiaomi continues to slash the price of wearable tech and smart home devices, announcing £10 smart scales alongside smartphones, a smart plug board and its first TV. There was no Xiaomi smartwatch launch, as expected, at the event in Beijing but that doesn't mean it isn't in the works.

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The budget Mi Smart Weight Scales can measure your weight down to 50g, according to Xiaomi, so that the device could register the weight change after you drink a bottle of water.

This is a different class of smart scale to what we've seen so far from Withings and Fitbit. The weight is shown via white LEDS on the white scales but unlike more expensive models, that seems to be the only metric you can track for now.

There's no word on Body Mass Index tracking, for instance, or heart rate monitoring or atmospheric CO2 as on the Withings. But we do know it will connect to the existing Mi Fit app and be able to track the weight of up to 16 people.

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Xiaomi now has a tidy system of budget, entry level health conscious wearables and smart home gadgets including the extremely popular $13 Mi Band as well as a smart blood pressure monitor and air purifier.

Its new £5 Smart Plug Board can be controlled via the Mi Connected Home app - there's three plugs and three USB ports.

We're not expecting any of these new devices to make it out of China anytime soon but Xiaomi has announced an online European store. If the smart scales are included in the stock list, we guarantee they will sell and sell.


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