Withings Home Plus is one of the first HomeKit-friendly security cameras

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Withings' new camera works with HomeKit
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Withings has announced the launch of Home Plus, the latest iteration of its smart security camera - and this one plays nice with Apple HomeKit.

Home Plus live streams to your smartphone, Apple TV and even Apple Watch, while also working for Android users via the Withings Home app. However unlike the current Home pod, it also works on Apple's smart home platform.

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You'll be able to keep a close eye on what's going in your home, and you'll be alerted to any unusual activity - noises, movements - via notifications.

Additionally, there are a bunch of features specifically for monitoring babies, including a track on indoor pollution levels. The Plus looks identical to the standard version, and sports the same HD night vision camera and ability to replay events from the last 48 hours. You can push that up to 30 days with a premium subscription too.

Apple's quest to unify the smart home has been a bit of a slow burner, but since it was announced in 2014, the likes of Philips and Elgato have been added to the compatibility ranks. This new product announcement also comes at an odd time, as Apple has just pulled all Withings products its stores following a patent dispute with Nokia, Withings' parent company.

The Withings Home Plus will be available to buy in Q1 2017, priced at $199. We'll be sure to give it a spin when we get our hands on one.

Withings Home Plus is the first security camera that works with Apple HomeKit


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