Welcome to Wareable

The authority on wearable tech

Welcome to Wareable, the new website dedicated to wearable technology, which has launched worldwide after months of development.

Wareable will be the authority on wearable devices and will cover sports, lifestyle, fashion, innovations and startups as well as traditional technology

The unique site has been created and launched by editor-in-chief Paul Lamkin (previously of Pocket-lint and MSN) and senior editor James Stables (formerly T3 and tech. magazine) and is backed by Paul Nikkel, founder of HUKD and Quidco. It's been designed from the ground up to be fully responsive, and suitable for any device, without the need for a dedicated mobile site.

Wareable will focus on helping people enjoy the things they love doing with wearable devices, as well as the hundreds of self connected devices on the market.

“We're really excited to be launching Wareable," explained editor-in-chief Paul Lamkin. “We don't think there's another website out there that's covering wearables in the same way, and we hope readers are going to love it."

“At the moment nobody is digging beneath the traditional tech reviews. We will be getting really in-depth, looking at the companies, the people and the trends and all the exciting stuff that's happening in the world of wearable technology because it's our niche subject, it's what we're passionate about."

Wareable not only focuses on the devices, but the end user, and will be just as useful to runners and cyclists looking to improve their PBs through the information from their wearables to tech enthusiasts and early adopters looking to buy the latest devices.

“Every day there seems to be a new device coming out, whether it's a new fitness tracker, a new smartwatch or even a Google Glass alternative," continued Paul. “It's an industry in its infancy and we'll be on hand to tell people all about the devices that they need to know about – the ones that could change people's lives."

“The idea of lifestyle technology isn't anything new but I don't think anything has ever epitomised it as much as wearable tech," added senior editor James Stables. “We're here to help people realise what these devices can really do," he said.

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  • biteme·

    Do you believe we'll ever see a wearable product akin to the iPhone? Wait, don't say 'iWatch" just yet.

    What I am getting at is convergence. It is what phone consumers, i.e. everyone, had drilled into the collective psyche for almost 20 years.

    Music. player, camera, browser, GPS, barometer, pedometer, remote control, calendar, alarm clock etc - not going into accessories that can monitor your babies, your pet, your blood pressure and then some

    The iPhone stands for such a device unlike any other. Everyone knows the term, even people who don't like it or don't know what it is.

    I personally know people who think it's the general term for all touchscreen phones.

    They don't know who or what Apple is when it's not a fruit. But iPhone. Yep. Like Kleenex.

    Now we are getting ANTI-convergence rubbed under our skin. Will people care enough?

    I'm not saying there won't be many successful wearables, but will there be one with 200, 300, 500 million users? Say, within 5 years?

  • p.lamkin·

    Short answer - yes. I believe that wearables (not in their current state but in a form factor that hasn't even been theorised yet) will eventually replace mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    Long answer - stay tuned to Wareable over the next couple of years to see why ;-)