​Sony teams up with IFTTT to supercharge its wearables

IF you own a Sony wearable THEN you should check out these cool new features

Sony has released a host of hacks and features for its devices and wearables, in a partnership with IFTTT.

IFTTT – which stands for If This Then That – is an app that offers users easy ways to make their technology work together. By melding together apps and services, users can do things like have their home lights turn on when they enter their home, or off when they go to sleep.

Sony and IFTTT have teamed up to release a host of 'recipes', which offer pre-programmed hacks for any device that runs Sony Lifelog. That's the fitness and lifestyle tracking element of all Sony's wearables – namely the SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3 – as well as Xperia smartphones.

The 'recipes' mean that you can have your sleep data exported into a Google Docs spreadsheet, tweet when you hit your walking goals or have your Philips Hue lights go disco crazy when you burn 1,000 calories.

It's an interesting partnership, and a good example of how wearable data can become more useful. These aren't game-changing features, but hacking your stuff with IFTTT has been exclusively a past-time for power users (geeks) so Sony putting these types of fun hacks in front of the masses can only be a good thing.


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