Sonny Vu wants you to live in a Misfit-controlled smart home

Misfit's CEO details plans for plug-in-and-play home gadgets to launch next year

Misfit’s Sonny Vu is ready to swap wrists for wall sockets, announcing his plans to launch a range of smart home gadgets in 2015.

The makers of the affordable Misfit Shine and Flash activity trackers are eyeing up early adopters of tech home kit but we don’t know exactly what the products will be yet. Withings-style smart scales in keeping with Misfit’s health and fitness mission are a sensible bet but the range could include a smart home hub to rival NinjaBlocks or Nest.

Vu hinted at the new line of devices in an interview with Recode a day after he announced $40 million worth of fresh funding for Misfit from Chinese company Xiaomi and other big investors. He hinted that Misfit will launch “several” smart home devices “over the next few quarters”. That’s 2015 to you and me.

“If you actually have to wear something 24/7 to get data, it’s kind of a disadvantage,” he said. “But if you can just buy something that you plug into the wall and it works, it can really add value.”

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Vu clearly sees Misfit’s potential as a hub for all our connected self data going beyond the popular Shine and Flash trackers. When Wareable chatted to the CEO about his grand vision back in August, he made it obvious that it’s the platform that really matters.

“We're in one smartwatch now and going to be in half a dozen smartwatches by the end of the year,” he said in our in-depth interview. “We even have activity trackers that are competitors to the Shine that we're powering.”

In fact, wrist-bound fitness trackers are just the beginning. Misfit is also working on “advanced wearables” that can be worn elsewhere on the body as well as the smart home devices.

No-one has really cracked the connected home yet - not even Apple or Samsung - so we’re excited to see how Misfit brings together its fitness wearables and mystery home gadgets next year.


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