Son creates smartwatch app to help his father overcome PTSD

Sleep tracking app makes a positive difference for veterans
New wearable app designed to beat PTSD
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A new smartwatch app has just hit Kickstarter that's designed to help veterans overcome PTSD and night terrors.

The app has been designed by college student Tyler J. Skluzacek whose father fought in Iraq. Since returning, Patrick Skluzacek suffers night terrors, a symptom of PTSD, which affects some 3.8 million veterans. That led Tyler to creating app, named myBivy, at a local hackathon.

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MyBivy – derived from the military term bivouac, which is a safe place to sleep – tracks the wearer and learns the physical precursors to a night terror attack. If the change in heart rate and body movements is detected, it will gently bring the wearer out of the deep sleep state.

It's currently designed for Pebble, but the team want to open it up to the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

"After a couple weeks of tracking the soldier we can find the exact symptoms of the onset of the panic attack and try to use the watch to take them out of the deep sleep but keep them asleep," Tyler Skluzacek told Wtop News.

The partner app will log details of the wearer's sleep history, which can be downloaded and sent to the veteran's doctor ­– if they wish.

It's a fantastic example of personal wearable data helping overcome a serious and life-changing condition. It's collecting money on Kickstarter and has already smashed its modest target.