Stylish, customisable smart lock Friday is up for pre-order

Miss out on the Indiegogo campaign? The smart lock with Scandi design is on sale

Friday, the smart lock that blends in with your door's decor, is up for pre-order in stainless steel, wood, porcelain and bronze.

Friday connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (no word on wearables yet) to lock or unlock your front door as you arrive home or leave for the day. It's as small (3.7-inch x 1.87-inch) and inconspicuous as we've seen yet from a smart lock, the material shells can be replaced if you change your door and backers of its Indiegogo campaign earlier this year can also choose from brass and gunmetal finishes.

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The sleek design is courtesy of Scandinavian architects BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and was inspired by the Saddle Roof shape seen on buildings such as St. Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo.

With Apple HomeKit and Thread compatibility, Friday should slot into any smart home set up. There's remote access so you can lets guests or babysitters in and out as well as the ability to issue one time, temporary or permanent keys to family members and friends. Alerts include when someone is entering or leaving the house and include tamper notifications, based on a stress load sensor, so you'll know the second someone is trying to break into your pad. Battery life is around one year.

It also looks to be one of the simplest smart locks to install yourself - Friday says it is a matter of unscrewing your door's thumb latch then attaching the baseplate and smart lock. It's compatible with most deadbolt locks in the US and standard Scandinavian locks and the team is working to cover more European locks. Here's the full list if you want to check.

The London-based company behind the device initially ran into some difficulty as the smart lock was originally named Sesame, just like another smart lock crowdfunding campaign in the US. But it bounced back as Friday Labs and doubled its Indiegogo target, raising $159,000 by the beginning of May.

Friday starts at $199 for the porcelain and stainless steel smart locks, rising to $299 for wood or bronze.


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