Smart home appliances to total more than 470 million by 2020

Huge boom forecast by analyst for next five years in connected home market

Is your kitchen a hub of Wi-Fi connectivity? Is your dinner pre-planned by your smart fridge and cooked-up, quite literally, by your smart stove?

No? Well, it soon will be.

IHS, a leading US business analyst, has forecast that the "smart connected home appliance" market will boom from a paltry 1 million sales in 2014, to a staggering 220 million plus by 2020.

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That would mean a total of more than 470 million connected appliances; made up of 186 million smart air-con and heater units, 131 million smart washing and drying machines, 120 million smart fridges, 11 million smart large cookers and 17 million smart dishwashers.

"There are three critical factors that will affect smart appliance adoption: energy management initiatives, such as dynamic pricing, government initiatives and structure of utilities; standards for interoperability; and other marketplace dynamics covering product pricing, retail environment, competitive landscape, the approaches adopted by suppliers and overall interest in smart home technology," reads the report.

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China will lead the way with connected kitchens with almost 50% of the market connected from there. The US will have around 10% of the smart appliances and India will be the third most congested smart appliance country with approximately 8% of the share.

The report suggests that there will be "just a couple of connectivity platforms". Check out our guide to the ongoing battle between the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google for smart home domination.


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