​Security v convenience: Apple Watch's 'security flaw' is actually a feature

Passcode will save your data but not your smartwatch

A security flaw has been revealed on the Apple Watch which means thieves can easily bypass the passcode on a stolen smartwatch.

When the Apple Watch loses contact with the wrist, it prompts you for a passcode for nearly every action, until it's replaced back on the body. However, eagle-eyed spotters at iDownloadBlog have found that thieves can easily get past this security feature by hard resetting resetting the device.

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The security flaw caused a storm yesterday, however, it's emerged that the ability to wipe the Apple Watch without knowing the passcode is a built-in feature of the smartwatch.

The Apple support site actually offers details for wiping your Apple Watch in case of forgetting the security code.

So while the pass code will protect the limited amount of personal data held on your Apple Watch, and keep you safe from thieves using your device for contactless Apple Pay transactions, it doesn't actually deter thefts in the first place.

Source: Engadget


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