Polar partners with Strava to sync up workout data

Polar running watches and cycling tech now plays nicely with Strava

Polar has announced that it's partnering with Strava to integrate workout data from its running watches into the popular service.

It means anyone using the Polar Flow app can sync runs and cycles with the sports service and take advantage of features such as Strava Segments, which lets you virtually race against other users as you appear on their turf.

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It's not the first service to jump on board with Strava; Garmin has been buddying up with Strava on its cycling tech and Fitbit announced a different kind of partnership back in May, where Strava exercise was counted in its ecosystem.

TomTom also cannily enables users to bypass its own mediocre platform by having data pushed to RunKeeper, Strava or Runtastic as soon as you sync your watch.

To pair the two services just log into the Polar Flow web account, head to settings, and opt to connect their Flow account with Strava. Log into your Strava account and verify the connection to have your workouts transferred when you sync your device as normal.

The option is now available for the Polar M400, M450, V650 and V800.

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