Pebble Time update fixes calendar, alarm app and timeline bugs

If you're a Pebbler, go get version 3.1 now. NOW!

Pebble has released a new software update for its new Pebble Time smartwatch, which fixes some initial launch issues.

Annoyances with the Timeline visual look at your date have been ironed out, as well as multiple problems with the alarm app, which could cause the smartwatch to crash.

The verdict is in: Pebble Time smartwatch review

Don't get too excited, there's no new features here. You can find the list of bugs that have been splattered on the Pebble blog.

To download the update, iOS users just need to head into their apps and the download should start automatically. If version 3.1 is still proving elusive then you can do it manually by following Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble from within the app.


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