Patent reveals mighty morphing Samsung

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Patent reveals mighty morphing Samsung
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Patent applications are quite often a nonsense. And we're pretty sure that this effort, from Samsung, falls under that label - but we still had to bring it to your attention.

Just look at it. We can kind of see how the, obviously bendable, 'watch' straightens a bit into the 'cell phone' aspect but how the heck does that then become a tablet?

How in the world would that be possible?

Apparently, according to the patent application description, Samsung is working on a stretchable display.

Now, we've seen bendable OLED prototypes in the past, and Lenovo actually demoed a curved display that sat around the wrist at its Tech World event. But a device that not only bends and curves but also morphs into a completely different form factor with a larger screen? Let's just say we're not holding our breath.

Samsung is also purportedly going to launch a 5-inch phone that turns into a 7-inch tablet with unfolding parts. But we still can't see how this works from watch to phone to tablet. It'd surely be so clunky at watch level that it would make the Gear S look petite.

It's not the only wearable that Sammy is said to be working on, of course. The Gear S3 is expected to be announced at IFA 2016. The Tizen sequel was recently pictured in some pretty suspect blurry pictures.


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