Dating app has its finger on the pulse

Can your Fitbit determine love at first sight?

A new year, a new you, another new dating app to try, but what makes Once so unique? Heart rate monitoring technology, apparently.

Boasting over 70,000 users since its soft launch in November 2015, Once can now tap into heart rate monitoring data from Fitbit trackers and Android Wear smartwatches to give users their daily match.

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According to the matchmakers, your heart rate is measured by your smart wearable as soon as you open the app and begin viewing your daily match (one a day, hence the name).

Interestingly, the match itself is entrusted to a team of "human matchmakers", based largely on proximity.

Your average heart rate, already determined by your wearable, is used as a starting point when viewing your match. Once this has increased by more than 10bpm, it will register as an initial attraction, or 'Like' for the match.

The app, now available on both iOS and Android, allows you to keep track of your heart rate for each daily match to see who you've liked the most.

As well as offering a free service, Once also offers a paid subscription package, allowing users to receive notifications once messages have been read, send messages to any missed matches and even play cupid by picking their own daily match for the following day.

Only time will tell if Once really is quality over quantity.


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