Nuzzle GPS collar tells you when your pup has flown the coop

If Fido digs his way out of the backyard, you'll know about it immediately

Practically all dog owners know what it is like to discover their furry friend is no longer happily basking in the backyard sun, but has instead figured out how to escape from its happy home. That moment of realisation is frightening and frustrating.

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Pet-focused tech company Nuzzle is hoping to help relieve you of some of the stress of losing your dog or cat with a GPS tracking collar that will always let you know where to find it.

The company is seeking crowdfunding for its Nuzzle GPS collar and hopes to raise $75,000 before its Indiegogo campaign ends.

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The collar uses cellular coverage to track your wandering pet (although the data provider is not named in the Indiegogo campaign), which the company claims provides more reliability than a crowd-GPS network.

It features a GPS tracker, temperature monitor, activity monitor, and collision detection. It is waterproof and comes with two rechargeable batteries that last up to five days. While one is being used, the other can be charging.

It includes geo-fencing support, so you can set up a designated perimeter for your escapist. If your four-legged friend breaches the digital fence, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Using the companion app, compatible with iOS and Android, you can track your daily walks together, including routes, distance, pace, and length of time. The app also provides access to medical and insurance information for your pet if you choose to sign up for a policy.

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Speaking of which, Nuzzle is not just a tech company. It is a pet insurance company, too. Currently, the service is launching "later in 2015." But it seems that the collar and upcoming insurance service will go hand-in-hand, although the details are vague.

You can pledge to the company's Indiegogo campaign for as low as $149 for a collar, which is $40 off the RRP and includes the cost of cellular coverage. It comes in two sizes, standard (14 – 22-inch neck) and small pet (8 – 11-inch neck). Shipping is expected for March of 2016.

While this tracker makes the most sense for dogs, it can be used on cats. However, some feline friends won't be too happy with a small electronic box hanging from their necks.

"I will haz noe traking kolar pleze."


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