Netatmo takes on Nest (again) with smart smoke alarm

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Netatmo takes on Nest with smart smoke alarm

Anything Nest can do, Netatmo can do, er, as well. After launching its outdoor Presence smart security camera just weeks after Nest revealed the Nest Outdoor Cam, the French company has followed its Google-owned rival into the smart smoke detector market.

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm hasn't got the Co2 skills of the Nest Protect and is instead focused entirely on smoke detection.

It packs in an 85dB alarm and sends a real-time alert to the user's smartphone if smoke is detected.

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The battery lasts for 10 years and you'll get a warning when it's running out. Netatmo says this alert will be on your smartphone but we know that smartphones will be obsolete in 2027. Instead, expect this warning to be beamed directly to your retina by your smart contact lens.

Back to facts, rather than stuff we're simply making up, and the Smart Smoke Alarm is also IFTTT and Apple HomeKit compatible.

Nest has also revealed a smart security siren that blasts an alarm at 110dB should a Netatmo security camera tell it to do so.

Finally, the French company has revealed its plans for IoT domination by way of the With Netatmo program, which will offer "new connected solutions integrated into residential home building products".

A real world example of this is Céliane with Netatmo; in-wall smart switches and power outlets to control lighting, rolling shutters and home appliances, which will be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Exciting stuff. Honestly.

There's no news on pricing for either the smoke alarm or the siren but we do know they won't hit the shops until the second half of this year.


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