Control your hot water with Nest's new third gen Learning Thermostat

Nest's latest smart home device lands in the UK and Europe
Nest's new thermostat controls hot water
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Nest's third gen Learning Thermostat is going on sale in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. But the upgraded smart thermostat tech comes with a higher £199 price tag and some new features. Things are about to get real sexy. Yes, we're about to start talking boilers.

Because Nest fits into that smart home category of genuinely useful - not gimmicky - tech and the biggest update here is that the new Learning Thermostat comes with a device named Heat Link.

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This is exclusive to Europe, attaches to your boiler and will work with any system with standalone controls to let you boost hot water or adjust preset schedules. After two days, the Auto-Away feature helps to save energy in conjunction with the thermostat itself.

And through a standard called OpenTherm it gives the smart thermostat more control over compatible boilers - for instance, it can work out how much gas to use to keep the temperature in the house the same or increase it.

Other new (minor) features for this third gen Nest thermostat include a slightly thinner design, a bigger, higher res 229ppi display and Farsight, a feature which helps to show glanceable information like the time or a target temperature. There's also a new stand for the device.

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This third gen Nest is on sale online today via Google, Amazon and - in the UK - John Lewis, Dixons and B&Q. Add on £50 if you need installation but take solace in the fact that Nest reckons the device could save you £353 a year on energy bills.


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