nCube is now live on Kickstarter

Manage your connected home gadgets with one single hub

British tech company nCube is working on a smart home control system that connects directly to a broadband box and communicates with multiple in-home smart gadgets, like Nest or Sonos, so you can manage them all from one device. The company's crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter.

The nCube Home is a small square device that plugs directly into your broadband router. Communication with various smart devices is sent to the hub, which is connected to your smartphone through a specially designed app.

The app allows you to create recipes for your connected home, and you can turn up the heat using Nest, dim the lights on Hue and activate your security camera, all from one app.

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One of the unique things about this particular smart home hub is that the device works, even if your internet goes offline. It uses the Zigbee standard rather than relying on Wi-Fi. While that means you won't need to set up and maintain annoying Bluetooth or wireless connections, you will have to ensure future home tech uses the tech, which can be opaque to say the least.

The upside, however, does not rely on an Internet connection to work. So, if your Wi-Fi signal is low or down, you can still adjust the settings of your smart connected gadgets from your smartphone via the app.

All information is stored in the hub itself, so your information is not sent to a central server or stored in the cloud, so your data is more secure and private.

You can pledge to the nCube Kickstarter campaign for a chance to get the device at a price as low as £99, which is 28% below the RRP of £139. The company is seeking £25,000 in crowdfunding to help mass produce the device. Shipping is estimated for February of 2016.


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