Moto 360 2 snapped in the wild: Will the leaks ever end?

Pictures of Motorola employees wearing the new smartwatch back up all rumours

The Moto 360 2 is fast becoming the worst kept secret in technology – and it seems Motorola just can't stop leaking it. And now eagle-eyed smartwatch sleuths have snapped Moto employees walking around with the new device.

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We've been rounding up the drip-drip of Moto 360 2015 news since the beginning and the sneaky snaps seem to back up all the rumours to date.

The main picture was snapped by a Redditer in Chicago, and features the exact gold design, with the 2PM crown and prominent lugs that have cropped up in previous leaks, including the video that Motorola "accidentally" released last week.

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And the pictures below show another Chicago Moto 360 spot, with the same design, but in the more conservative black.

But when will the lid officially get lifted on the Moto 360 2? Well, IFA 2015, which runs from September 4 - 9 in Berlin, with Motorola's press conference set for 2 September seems like a smart bet. But a lot of devices were outed in the week before the show last year to avoid news getting buried in the melee of releases – so keep your browser pointed at Wareable for updates.

Source: Engadget


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  • Thijsvr·

    Can't wait. I certainly like the new look. A lot of people don't like the lugs, but I think they really add to the idea of a clean, purpose built device. It also makes it look more rigid.

    The flat tire is a bit unfortunate, but I'm sure they'll adress why it's there at launch and if the reason is good enough I'm sure nobody will really care. I know I won't.

    Anyways, as soon as the black on black version is available I will buy it. Been waiting for months for it to come out, but events came and went without a single mention of it. I'm hopeful for an IFA launch.

  • Montarion·

    i thought the IFA started at 4sept and ended at 9?

    • s.charara·

      We are headed to IFA on the 2 Sept as the press conferences are before the show starts, we'll amend this though. Motorola's press conference is at 19.30 Berlin time on the 2nd.