This smart lamp wants to be your home hub and security camera

But will it be mo smart functions, mo problems?
This smart lamp wants to rule your home
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Aiming to join the arsenal of options running your smart home, a fresh startup has launched a smart lamp that also functions as a hub and security camera.

Momo, from LA-based startup Morpheos, is able to control devices such as Nest, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Philips Hue, while also providing its own voice activation. The camera element also packs in facial recognition, with gesture controls able to tweak the lamp's brightness.

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And while this would appear to be enough to store inside a smart hub, the base of the lamp also houses sensors to keep tabs on CO2, temperature and humidity and features microphones and speakers.

Many of these features form part of the growing standard among hubs but how this lamp uses AI could see it stand out from the pack.

"The artificial intelligence would allow the lamp to learn your habits over time and react accordingly," said Edoardo Scarso, founder and CEO of Morpheus. "This means that when Momo has learned an activity the user performs with a certain degree of consistency, they will suggest the 'automation."

"To simplify, it may be turning on the kitchen light in the morning, and then the electric kettle. This combination of events at a regular time on Mondays to Fridays creates a behavior."

It's good to see more indie companies aiming to take up the prized place of a smart home hub, even as Apple, Amazon and Google vie for the spot. Morpheos has a lot to prove in terms of performance, though, if it wants to have a real shot.

Momo is currently available on Kickstarter for $279, a wild snip from its eventual price hit of $699. This is easily more expensive than devices which lump a couple of features in - perhaps a smart lamp with some additional sensors - so it does make sense to see this hold a hefty tag.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, there's the obvious reliability factors to consider. But for those looking for a do-it-all device that can pose as a nifty lamp which changes colours, Momo would appear an interesting option to explore.

Source: Digital Trends

This smart lamp wants to rule your home


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