This Minecraft hack turns your smart bulb on from inside the game

Internet of Things, meet games
This Minecraft hack turns on your smart bulb
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What do you do when hacking real world computers gets boring? You enter the virtual world. One bored hacker just hooked up his Minecraft game to a real-life smart bulb. He can now flip a switch in the game to turn on the lights in his room. Yep.

The hacker, known as Giannoug, used the OpenComputers mod, which allows you to add real-life computers into Minecraft - bear with us. Using it in conjunction with a few other mod programs, he spawned a computer inside his game and opened a TCP connection, which allows the game to communicate with his "unknown, eBay sourced" smart bulb.

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All the instructions have been published if you want to have a go yourself. Inside Minecraft, gamers use "redstone" to create in-game electricity. Giannoug used it to build a lever that, when connected through OpenComputers to his Wi-Fi enabled smart bulb, turns his real-world lights on and off.

This isn't the first time that Minecraft has been used to control lighting in the real world. In 2013, a developer synced Philips Hue to his son's Minecraft game so that the lights would dim and brighten according to the game's day and night cycle.

Two years ago, another tinkerer created the same redstone-controlled lighting switch using Arduino and a remote-controlled outlet. And a far back as 2011, one coder created his own scripts in Minecraft to turn Arduino-connected LED lights on and off.

Who knows, with enough time and Internet-connected gadgets, someone might actually develop a full smart hub for the home right inside Minecraft.

Via: Hackaday


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