Listen to You Wear It Well episode 6 - the Wearable Tech in 2018 edition

Hugh and Husain talk Wareable 50 predictions
Listen to You Wear It Well episode 6
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The Wareable 50 list is out which means you get to hang out with US editor Hugh Langley and US reporter Husain Sumra as they talk through the list on the latest episode of our podcast You Wear It Well.

Don't know what the Wareable 50 is? It's our list of big, bold predictions for how wearable tech and the connected self will shake out in 2018 - tech, trends, people and startups to watch.

The boys talk about the future of the Apple Watch and AirPods, hearables, Google's Project Jacquard, Ava and women's health tech, smartglasses and virtual reality - specifically Oculus Phase 2, HTC Vive, Hugo Barra and location based VR from The Void et al. And find out which SF tech lunch Hugh went to and sat next to a contestant from The Bachelorette.

The best of you can subscribe to You Wear It Well on Apple Podcasts/iTunes where it would be super cool if you could rate and review us. Or just click play in Soundcloud below to listen to episode 6 now.

Let us know in the comments what you think we should be talking about when the podcast returns in January. We'll be taking listener questions next episode.

Listen to You Wear It Well episode 6 - the Wearable Tech in 2018 edition


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