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Listen to You Wear It Well episode 8 - the Rebble Alliance edition

On the podcast, we talk Rebble, Fossil and VR at Sundance

From San Francisco this week, treat yourself to the sounds of US editor Hugh Langley and US reporter Husain Sumra working their way through the latest wearable tech news on episode 8 of our You Wear It Well podcast.

On the agenda, an update on Rebble, the open source project to rebuild Pebble's software, app store and more for die-hard fans. We caught up with one of the developers making this happen, hopefully by the time Fitbit shuts off support this June.

Next, we discuss how successful the Fossil Group strategy of designer Android Wear smartwatches and hybrid watches has been so far and whether 2018 will be the year, fashion brings it to the Apple Watch.

Finally, Husain gives us the lowdown on the Sundance Film Festival and why big names and big deals mean VR storytelling is maturing in a meaningful way this year.

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Listen to You Wear It Well episode 8 - the Rebble Alliance edition


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