LG GizmoPal smart kids tracker gets US release

Smart GPS tracking and calling aims to give parents peace of mind

The LG GizmoPal kids tracking wearable has broken out of Asia and is going on sale in the US.

Renamed from the KizON for the Western market, the GizmoPal offers GPS tracking using a companion app on the parent’s smartphone, and the ability to make a call to two pre-configured numbers.

If a call from a stored number isn't answered within 10 seconds a connection will be made automatically, so parents can listen in on their child’s surroundings.

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“KizON was developed in response to customers’ opinions that technology should be used to improve the lives of all consumers. It occurred to us that children had the most to gain because they’re the most vulnerable,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics.

The GizmoPal will be available from 26 November via the Verizon website for $79.99, and all stores in the US starting 11 December. There’s still no word on a European release date.


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