​LG and Mercedes partner for smarter cars at CES 2015

Biometric sensors will know if you're tired at the wheel

While CES 2015 is set to usher in a new era of wearable tech, connected self technologies on offer won't be limited to the wrist.

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Mercedes-Benz is set to be a star of the show with its self-driving car technology, which features autonomous driving and cutting edge biometrics.

LG is supplying a host of tech, including cameras that track the driver's eye movements, which check on alertness and tiredness to stop drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It will also supply in-car entertainment systems and the smart cameras that enable the lane guidance systems.

While Mercedes is set to unveil its autonomous features at CES, it's unlikely that we'll be seeing full driverless cars. Like many car companies, Mercedes is looking at smart systems that take over only some of the driver's duties, such as braking assistance.

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The family car is the next natural home of biometric tech, and we've already seen Ford make in-roads with its C-Max concept, which features an EEG to keep tabs on the driver's heart rate. With the advances in wearable tech over the last year, Mercedes-Benz is unlikely to be the only big name in auto bringing the connected self to the connected car at CES.


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