Intel makes wearable to fight Parkinson’s disease

Michael J Fox backed band collects patient data

Intel and the Michael J Fox Foundation have partnered to create a wearable band to study the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

The band has been trialled on patients, using the sensors that are usually designed to track activity to monitor Parkinson’s sufferers' movements, co-ordination and symptoms.

The hope is that this information can be married with their medication patterns to learn more about how to treat the disease, so treatment can be fine-tuned for the best quality of life.

We at Wareable are all about the wearable tech revolution and what it means to the man on the street and its influence on fitness, lifestyle and fashion.

While we won’t be covering health tech in detail, it’s great to see big names such as Intel and the MJFF using wearables to make such a positive change for four million sufferers of a terrible disease.


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