This is HP's Cortana smart speaker

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This is HP's Cortana smart speaker
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Here is your first look at HP's Cortana-powered smart speaker, unveiled by Microsoft at this week's Computex expo. Or at least, the first render of it because that's not a photo of a real device. This squat, white puck doesn't have a name yet either or much in the way of specs, price or a release date.

Now, I could continue to tell you what we don't know about this HP Cortana speaker but here's what we do know. It joins the Harman Kardon Invoke as part of the first set of Cortana devices that will include thermostats, fridges and appliances. The Invoke was announced in early May and looks a lot more stylish than HP's effort. The standalone speaker, too, seems to have a glowing blue 'Cortana light', this time on the lower part of the device, not the top.

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Otherwise, we fully expect the features to be identical to the Invoke. It will act as a speaker, though perhaps not as impressive as Harman Kardon on this front, and feature voice controls from Cortana for things like answering questions from the web, controlling music and lights, setting reminders, managing calendars and - the interesting one - making Skype calls.

Like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, Cortana smart speakers also run third party Skills which don't need to be set up in advance (other than the service needing your payment details). There's already 46 Skills, pre-launch including ones from Domino's, OpenTable, StubHub, Food Network, Dark Sky and TuneIn.

We'll update this story as soon as we get more information on HP's Cortana speaker.

Source (and image): CNET

Correction: This story originally stated that the HP speaker will require a wired connection to a Windows 10 PC which Microsoft has now told us is not the case.

This is HP's Cortana smart speaker


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