Hive brings its smart home subscription service to the US this June

Taking the pains out of building the smart home
Hive rolls out hassle-free smart home in US
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Putting together your smart home can be expensive, and means buying a device for each separate appliance in your home. So you need new lights, and a new thermostat and a new doorbell. Hive is looking to simplify that for US customers by rolling out its 'Welcome Home' subscription service Stateside.

The idea behind this is to take some of the pain and hassle out of the smart home, and it's a smart way for the UK company to make inroads over in the States.

There are three plans to choose from: starter, regular and premium. The starter plan costs $9.99 a month and includes the Hive Hub, Active Plug (which lets you remotely turn off appliances), two window or door sensors and two Active Lights. A similar starter plan is available in the UK as well priced at £5.99 a month and includes the same smart home kit.

The regular plan gets all of that, plus an extra Active Plug, two more lights, the Active Thermostat and Motion Sensor for $24.99 per month.

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Meanwhile the $39.99-a-month premium plan gives you more of everything, with two thermostats, three plugs, four window or door sensors, eight warm to cool white lights, and two motion sensors. If you're in the US looking to jump into the Hive smart home ecosystem, the company will be running a promotion until 6 June, 2017.

You'll get a hub, thermostat, two window or door sensors and two dimmable warm white bulbs for $16.99 per month; you'll have to pay the first two months upfront, but Hive says it results in a 15% discount.

That rest of the plans launch 7 June, 2017, which makes that special pricing more of a tease to get US customers who may not be familiar with the UK company into the ecosystem. Just bear in mind that there's a 24-month commitment on all of these, and a cancellation fee if you stop them early.

The company said it'll also roll out more subscriptions that cater to different customer needs throughout the year, though there's no word whether there'll be a way to create your own subscription package. It also told Wareable that it plans to add more devices through the year, and that it is considering limited integration with some third-party smart home devices.

Hive's new 'Welcome Home' wants to turn your home smart via subscription


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