Hive's smart security camera is headed to the US

It'll detect motion and audio, and stream 24/7 to your smartphone
Hive's smart camera heads to the US

Hive has steadily made waves in the smart home game in the UK, most recently adding the Hive Camera to its roster of devices in the country. That camera is now officially headed to the US.

The Hive Camera partners up with the companion app on your smartphone to provide 24/7 HD live streaming, including two-way audio so that you can chat to the people in your home if you need. This doesn't just need to be burglars, of course, you can use your phone to talk to your kids or shout at naughty pets.

There are also sensors that can detect motion and audio, which of course can trigger automatic recording. Bonus: when motion detection is triggered it'll also log in the time and date, which Hive says is stored locally and accessed by the app. We're not really sure how that works in practice and whether there are limits to video storage, but we'll be testing to find out.

The best wireless home security camera

The Hive Camera can pan and zoom and - this is the most fun bit - users can set off one of three sounds to scare off possible intruders. It sounds very Home Alone, and your choices are a ringing alarm (boring), a police siren (bit better) or a barking dog (yes, thank you).

Hive is slowly but surely building a comprehensive smart home platform, and its subscription plans are making it easier and more affordable for anyone to connect up their home.

It all started with a simple smart thermostat, but it's smart home line-up has grown to include motion sensors, smart lights, smart plugs, door sensors and more.

The Hive Camera is available in the UK now for £129. It'll also be available via a new monthly subscription called Hive Home Check, will cost you $19.99 a month. In the US, the only way to get the Hive Camera when it launches 12 July is via the subscription. The subscription also comes with a Hive Hub, Motion Sensor, two Contact sensors and two Active Light Cool to Warm White bulbs.

Hive isn't done there though, it's got two other new products it'll be debuting later this year, the Hive Leak Sensor and Hive Active Hub, though the company didn't divulge any further details for either.

Hive is joining the smart security game game with a new camera


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