Hive Active Light is a smart light bulb that won't break the bank

Look out Philips Hue, British Gas adds another string to its smart home bow
Hive Active Light smart light bulb unveiled
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After teasing us just a few days ago about a big announcement, Hive has officially unveiled its getting into the smart lighting game with its new Active Light bulb.

The Active Light can replace existing bulbs with screw or bayonet fixtures, giving you control from the Hive app via your smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) tablet or laptop. Once connected, you'll be able to simply turn the lights on or off, set dimming levels and set schedules.

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If you don't already own a piece of Hive kit, like the Hive smart thermostat, you'll need to invest in the Hive Hub (£80) to connect to your router at home to complete the setup. It will also work with Hive's existing smart home devices including Active Heating, Active Plug and the recently introduced motion sensors.

A single bulb will set you back £19.99, while a pack of three pushes the price up to £49.99. If you want to grab five, that'll cost you £79 with an Active Plug and Sensor pack setting you back £169. Existing Hive customers can a 10% discount up until 31 July.

Inevitably, comparisons are going to be made to other smart lighting solutions including Philips Hue. The Hive system is a little more basic, at least for now in comparison to Hue, which unlike Hive, does let you adjust the colour of the bulbs and comes with plenty of IFTTT recipe support.

Hue also works with the Apple Watch and Pebble smartwatches. Hue starter kits start from £149.99 so there's a small price difference if you have to invest in the Hive Hub as well.

You can buy the Hive Active Light smart light bulbs now from the Hive website Amazon and Maplin. They're expected to ship in 3-4 weeks time.

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