Google Home smart speaker finally gets a UK launch date

It’s coming Home, it’s coming

Months after propelling into homes in the US, Google Home is finally set to arrive in the UK.

After initially indicating the smart home device would make the journey across the pond at MWC, we now know it will launch on 6 April and be available for £129 - a full £20 cheaper than the Amazon Echo.

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This means you'll be free to splurge the saving on a swappable base, with the company also announcing fabric options will start at £18 and metal variants will set you back £36.

Google Home has been localised to provide services from the BBC, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, Huffington Post, Sky News and Sky Sports at launch, with more being added as time goes on.

The big challenge now, however, will be how Google battles it out with Amazon, whose Echo has been on sale in the UK since September 2016.

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While it's true Google's Assistant is more conversational than Alexa, it's still building up the same raft of skills that Amazon's device uses to integrate with the likes of third-party speakers and lightbulbs.

The bigger question here is how much this competition excels the smart home scene, and if Google Home sees a faster adoption than its rival did. Both are household names, though Amazon's range is perhaps viewed slightly more cynically due to its intrinsic link to Amazon's marketplace.

This all remains to be seen, but homes in the UK are only going to get smarter.

Google Home finally gets a UK launch


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