Google Home can now identity different users by their voice

The smart home personal assistant gets more personal
Google Home adds multi-user support
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One of the more frustrating things about smart home speakers with personal assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, is that they aren't very personal. To them, everyone is the same, so all the content is the same for everybody. Google today announced that's no longer an issue with Home.

Google Home is getting multi-user support for up to six people. So when somebody else in your household asks the smart assistant for something, it'll recognize their voice and give them their music playlists, commute time, schedule and more - not yours.

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All you have to do is make sure your Google Home app is updated, then click on a card that says 'multi-user is available'. There, your family members or roommates will be able to link their accounts. That's where you will all be prompted to say "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" two times each so that the voice analyzation software can detect the specific characteristics of your voice. Once you do that, your Google Home will be able to differentiate between the people in your home.

The update is rolling out to folks in the US today, but people in the UK will have to wait a couple months for the feature to roll out. This update gives Google Home a major leg-up on its closest competitor, Amazon Echo, which doesn't have multi-user support. That, combined with the fact that a whole lot of people use Google services as the center of their life, is starting to make Google Home more compelling. Your move, Amazon.

Google Home can now identity multiple users


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