Google Fit app arrives to take on Apple Health

New app lands in Google Play, promising third party compatibility
Google Fit app takes on Apple Health
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Google Fit, first announced back in June at Google I/O, has left the developer labs and is now a bonafide Apple Health rival, after it hit Google Play.

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The service takes the form of an Android app and a web based portal, which can collect health info from a range of wearable devices, using APIs from the likes of Withings, Nike, HTC, LG, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar.

Tech showdown: Google Fit v Apple Health

The new app's listing states that you'll be able to "connect third party devices and apps to Fit" - although no specific compatible platforms have yet been named.

Google Fit works independently, using your mobile device's sensors to track things such as walking, running and cycling activity. It is, of course, compatible with Android Wear smartwatches too.

It's yet another Google vs Apple battle for the tech world to get its head around but this time, there's no pressure to buy into one of the tech giant's hardware specifically.

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We've already seen wearable and fitness brands such as Jawbone and Misfit keenly offering up Apple Health compatibility, and we're sure we'll soon be saying the same with regards to Google Fit.

Google Fit is free and available to download now.

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