Google Assistant can now run on just about any gadget

Google opens up Assistant SDK for developers
Google Assistant is breaking out
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Google has announced that it's made its Google Assistant SDK widely available, meaning developers can download the AI and put it into any hardware of their choice.

Right now it's only available in 'Developer Preview' but Google is hoping to get Assistant living in a lot more devices beyond its Pixel phones, Google Home and Android Wear. Whether that's a speaker, a smart mirror, a wearable or, as you'll see in the video below, even a mocktail mixer.

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Google wants Assistant to live everywhere, but developers can also use Actions to create custom commands that control the device. Google recommends prototyping on a Raspberry Pi, and the developer preview is missing some Assistant features including alarms, news, podcasts and precise geolocating, while account linking with third-party services and smart home devices still requires a Google Home unit.

Google says "hotword support, companion app integration and more" are coming down the line.

This isn't carte blanche for developers to start integrating and selling Assistant-enabled devices right away - you'll still need permission from Google to sell products, even when the SDK is out of preview mode.

But this is a big move for getting Assistant out into the world, and means we could see it appearing in a much wider range of devices before long. Google can get working on partnerships with third-party manufacturers and try to beat away the growing competition of Amazon's Alexa, not to mention get ahead of the looming threat of Apple.

Google Assistant can now run on just about any gadget


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