Fujitsu creates new wearable sensors to help the elderly

But we're still in love with its wearable helmet camera

Fujitsu has created a stamp sized wearable sensor, which can detect falls or changes in temperature.

The company has been quietly innovating in internet of things tech (IoT), and hopes the sensors will be used for workers in the construction and infrastructure industries who work in hazardous areas, or ensuring the safety and wellbeing of older people.

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The tags use Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit continuous data on their position and environment, and are stuffed with sensors, making them some of the most capable on the market.

Increased sensor capability is going to be a big trend over the next year, with Stacey Burr, the head of wearable devices at Adidas, confirming that getting devices to capture more data was a focus in the consumer sphere.

Fujitsu has been busy creating an IoT platform called Ubiquitousware, which is designed to help businesses use and monitor connected devices.

Last year we reported that Fujitsu was working on a wearable head mounted camera and a smart ring, which feature promising tech – even if the photos are slightly hilarious.

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Source: Computer World


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