Fitti Guard fitness tracker will keep you out of the smog

Sensor-packed wearable also promises richer sleep tracking data and more
Fitti Guard will keep you out of the smog
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Here at Wareable, we're all for fitness trackers that try to offer something a little bit different and the Fitti Guard definitely fits the bill.

Following on from the German company's Active tracker, the Guard wristband offers the basics like the ability to monitor steps, calories burned and sleep. It can also deliver heart rate data and has onboard GPS to accurately track running sessions.

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It's also packed with a host of extra sensors that are capable of measuring ultraviolet, gamma-ray radiation, noise exposure and air quality. Using those additional sensors, the Guard will be able to tell you when you need to throw on some more sun block or can trigger an alert to open a window when the air quality is bad. Those bad air alerts are all based on World Health Organisation recommendations.

It also aims to improve sleep tracking measuring humidity and noise to get a better sense of your bedroom environment. Generally, most fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP2 monitor sleep using an accelerometer to detect motion that deliver very basic data and insight on your quality of sleep.

Other notable features include the ability to automatically recognise activities like golf, basketball, tennis, which sounds a lot like Fitbit's recently introduced SmartTrack mode. The Guard also promises 21 days battery life, although having all those sensors running at the same time will surely have an impact on its impressive stamina.

The Guard is not the first wearable that promises to analyse your environment. Startup TZOA have a clip-on tracker currently on pre-order that can measure air quality, temperature, humidity and a whole lot more.

The Fitti Guard is scheduled to hit Kickstarter in March 2016, but for now you can get more details over on the Fitti website.

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