Looks like Amazon's next Fire TV is a square Echo Dot

Two Amazon products in one
Amazon's Echo-like Fire TV revealed
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This year, Amazon has been on a tear with two new form factors for its Echo. We've had the Echo Show, the retro TV lookalike that gives Alexa a screen, and the Echo Look, a tiny fashion assistant. Now it looks like Amazon is gunning for your actual TV.

AFTV News is reporting that the new flagship Fire TV won't just be a simple black box you plug into your TV and casually ignore as you binge Man in the High Castle. It's going to be a square Echo Dot by another name.

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Everything you need for an Echo device is here. Far-field microphones, a built-in speaker, and LED lights that mimic Alexa's groovy bluish-green method of communication. As you can see from the image, there are also a whole bunch of dots - presumably speaker holes - lining the top. Up there there are also those four traditional Echo buttons.

Looks like Amazon's next flagship Fire TV is a square Echo Dot

This flagship Fire TV also has an IR emitter, which will allow it to control your audio/visual equipment, like your TV and sound systems. Combine this with Amazon's expansion of Alexa's entertainment abilities back in July and you have an Alexa perfectly capable of controlling your home entertainment system.

For example, the report notes you'll be able to do things like tell Alexa to turn your TV off or on, turn up and turn down the sound, switch inputs from cable box to Blu Ray player and a whole bunch of other A/V abilities.

The new flagship Fire TV will reportedly arrive later this year, after a mid-tier Fire TV refresh is released next month. We don't yet know pricing, but based on its capabilities and similarity to the Echo Dot, AFTV News is expecting something close to $100.

Looks Amazon's next flagship Fire TV is basically a square Echo Dot


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