Holy cow we hope this Duo smart mirror actually works

Don't fight it, we know you want one
We hope this smart mirror actually works
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A New York startup named Duo appears to have made the smart mirror of our dreams. Oh you don't have dreams about smart mirrors? You need to take another look at Tony Stark's smart Jarvis-powered window. Then take a nap. And because we don't all have panoramic windows like that, we're going to go out on a limb and say a mirror computer is more practical.


Back to reality. Duo's 27-inch 1080p display has its own AI assistant named Alfred baked into it, it's just 1.9 mm thick and well, it seems to show your reflection pretty well too. There's also a video you can watch to see it in action:


The startup describes itself as an AI company so we're not sure who is providing the display tech. The founder, Jack Kim, seems to have previous form via his Ember Labs projects including wireless earbuds and an open laptop kit.


What we do know is that its a five-point multi touchscreen and it runs its own custom HomeOS with an SDK for developers who want to get involved.

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So via swipes and chatting to Alfred, it's capable of controlling music (from Spotify etc but in a 'central library', smart home gadgets like smart light bulbs and smart thermostats, running apps and games, checking the news and weather and playing videos. There's an Applet Bar at the top of the screen to drag down which app you want to launch.

As for the AI assistant itself, you can personalise the name, gender, accent and humour of it.

You can pre-order a Duo smart mirror/assistant/computer now with the team aiming to ship the product in October. It costs $399 at the early bird price, which the site says is $200 off the final RRP, and the money isn't taken until the pre-order campaign finishes - though there's no word on when that is. Devs can get a pre-production Duo in June if they want to develop for it.

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