Docomo Docotch child tracking wearable adds to emerging category

Japan's biggest mobile network announces kid security smartwatch

The latest entrant to the ever growing child tracker wearable genre, Docomo's Docotch 01 has been announced over in Japan.

Following the likes of the LG Kizon and the Filip 2, the Docotch is a 3G enabled smartwatch that allows for text massages to be sent to a predetermined set of mobile phone numbers.

The Huawei manufactured device also has GPS tracking, so parents can keep track of their children using a companion smartphone app, and an emergency button that fires off messages to up to six stored numbers with a location tag if activated by the wearer.

One feature that sets the Docotch apart the LG and Filip devices is the temperature and humidity sensors, which could come in handy when tracking kids on hot days who may be in danger of heatstroke.

It will go on sale next March in Japan and, although there are no plans for a global launch, the Docotch is yet another indicator of the potential of wearable tech to child security.

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