Developers get their hands on Sony SmartEyeGlass SDK, apps on the way

Sony's chunky specs could be with us in 2015
Sony SmartEyeGlass heads towards reality

Sony has released the essential tools to allow developers to start coding applications for its Google Glass rival, the SmartEyeGlass.

The software for creating apps was released today, and the Japanese company hopes to have hardware available by March 2015. It’s been a long road, with the eyewear first shown off at CES 2014.

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The SmartEyeGlass displays and augments digital information into the user’s line of sight much like Google Glass. However, Sony hasn’t quite mastered the design to the same extent as Google – who’s DVF designer specs went on sale at Net-a-Porter earlier this week – and the specs look dorky to say the least. However, there’s no guarantee that’s how they’ll look when they’re eventually released to the public.

SmartEyeGlass includes an array of features, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and built in camera. However, the monochrome screen is likely to put off consumers, if Sony chooses to release it beyond the business world.


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