Dev gets Flappy Bird clone playing on Apple Watch

The wonders of watchOS2 will never cease

Getting Flappy Bird playing on a new device is basically the current hacking badge of honour, so it's little surprise that a cheeky developer has already got it working on the Apple Watch.

The original incarnation of the Watch couldn't support native apps, so rampant Flappy Bird obsessed developers have had to wait until watchOS 2, which was unveiled at WWDC last week.

It's only taken a week for Hamza Sood from London to develop a clone of the frustrating flight sim, and get it working on the Apple Watch. As you can see from the video, the game is actually pretty well suited to the tiny screen, and works by tapping the screen or twizzling the Digital Crown (yes, 'twizzling' is the official verb).

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Regardless, it made us smile this morning – and shows that when watchOS 2 hits, Apple Watch users will enjoy a much richer selection of apps than the current crop.

It's the start of what seems like a hacking scene for the Apple Watch, enabled by the addition of native apps. As well as Flappy Birds, which is of course the gold standard, we've already seen other games appear too, like Nano Canabalt, which you can see embedded below.


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