This Amazon Dash hack tells your Telsa to cool itself down

Programmer puts Amazon's cheap IOT button to quirky use

After Amazon launched its ultra cheap Dash button, to help time poor shoppers make one-touch purchases, DIY-ers began trying all sorts of interesting hacks with it.

One programmer has even turned his $5 Dash button into a temperature control button for his Tesla. Using Visual Studio, Michael Donnelly coded his Dash button to tell his car to honk the horn, set the interior temperature to "icy cold," and turn on his foyer's Hue light to indicate that the action worked.

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The Dash button will also ask the Tesla what the internal temperature is. When the car responds "less than preferred," the air-conditioner fires up and cools down the interior until it reaches his preferred temperature of 80 degrees. He also coded the button to honk the horn and turn off the Hue light when the car reaches 80 degrees internally.

Donnelly posted a short video to YouTube, labelled 'automation silliness' showing the programs he used to reset his Dash button to perform this simple, but first world problem-solving task.

With connected cars on the rise, there are all manner of hacks tinkerers could come up with using the $5 dash button and a bit of coding knowledge.

Source: Connectedly


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