British Gas unveils Hive Active Plug and window sensors for the smart home

Next phase of Hive's expanded smart home platform lands
Hive expands smart home line-up
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British Gas spin-off Hive has launched two new smart products that will allow you to control your home wherever you are.

The Hive Active Plug and Hive Window or Door Sensor will work in Hive's smart home platform Honeycomb, and pair with Hive's Active Heating thermostat, which is already in 250,000 UK homes.

The Active smart Plug enables you to switch appliances on and off using a companion app, manually as well as automatically, with up to six daily time slots available for scheduling.

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The sensor can be attached to either a door or window and will alert you via the app when they are open or closed.

"We've created the Hive Active Plug and the Hive Window or Door Sensor to fit seamlessly into people's lives – to give them new ways to control and monitor their homes, wherever they are," said Kassir Hussain, director of British Gas Connected Home.

According to some fairly unscientific sounding research by Hive, Brits spend around 19 hours a year checking whether electrical devices have been switched off before leaving the house. The research also states that 36% of people repeatedly check their appliances, with a particularly power paranoid 23% admitting that this ruined their day.

"That's the job of connected home products: to restore people's peace of mind and provide reassurance when it's needed most," Hussain also added.

With the increase in gadget ownership rising 57% in the last ten years, remote control couldn't have come sooner. The Hive Active Plug (£39) and the Hive Window or Door sensor (£29) are now available from


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