August trials a smart lock that lets delivery people inside (probably with Amazon)

Garage door Garageio gets in on the action too
August's smart lock could let deliveries in
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Walk through a city neighbourhood of fancy buildings these days and you'll see a mechanical dance of Ubers, Deliveroo bikes and Ocado vans pulling up to flats, circling round lost, leaving with passengers.

It's the future and god is it convenient. And the latest reports coming from two smart home device makers is that this is just the start.

Both August and Garageio - makers of smart door locks and garage door locks respectively - already allow users with an Amazon Echo to check and lock doors remotely (but not unlock) as we covered in July.

Now both companies are developing technology that will allow us to let e-commerce couriers into our flats and houses to drop off packages safely and securely. The option to give one time access to our smart locks will be included in the delivery page during check out and the delivery person would enter a temporary pin onto the lock or nearby smartphone to get in. August sells its own Doorbell Cam - so you can see who is at the door - alongside its Smart Lock as well as a Smart Keypad accessory.

While we don't have confirmation they are working with Amazon yet, we'll eat our Echo Dot if it's another online retailer. (August's trial is in Seattle where Amazon is based, Amazon is Garageio's sole external investor, the lower need for packaging could save Amazon a lot of money - the clues stack up).

August's platform has actually been a while in the making - we first reported the August Access plans last October when Postmates, Handy, Fetch and Sears were named as partners and features included setting up your lock to open at specific times on specific days for house cleaning, repairs and pet appointments.

But the biggie, of course, would be Amazon. In theory, no more pounding on neighbours doors, accusing them of stealing your shit, no more traipsing to pick up your packages from a delivery office/newsagent/Amazon locker. Expect an announcement before Christmas.

Via: The Information (subscription)

Would you let a stranger drop a package in your home in the name of convenience? Let us know in the comments.


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