Amazon Echo now lets you control August Smart Lock

Alexa, lock the front door

Ever wish you could check the front door lock without getting out of bed at night? Now you can if you have an August Smart Lock installed and an Amazon Echo.

August Smart Lock users with the first or second generation lock can ask Alexa if the door is locked, and if it isn't, to lock it all with voice commands.

You'll need the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge to connect the Bluetooth lock with Wi-Fi, then from there you can enable the smart lock skill in the Alexa app.

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If it makes you uneasy that a smart speaker can control your home's locks, there's still some safety measures in place. At the moment, you can't unlock the August with Alexa.

With greater IoT support being added to the Amazon device, it seems the little gadget is becoming more and more useful over time. But we're still curious about the upcoming Google Home and how it will fit into the household.


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