Amazon's new Echo Look will judge your choice of clothes

Alexa, which outfit works better this season?
Amazon unveils fashion-conscious Echo Look
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You ever get frustrated in the morning getting ready for work, unsure what to wear and have no friends or family available for second opinions? Interested in a purchasing that new cardigan but don't know whether it fits your personal style? Amazon now has an Echo for that.

Amazon announced the Echo Look, a fashion-conscious version of the Echo with a depth-sensing camera and built-in LED lighting to take photos or video of you for a lookbook. Then there's Style Check, a new service that uses machine learning and fashion experts to tell you which outfit is better suited for you.

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To use Style Check, uou just pick two photos of your outfits in the new Echo Look companion app and it'll tell you which one looks better based on fit, color, styling and fashion trends. Amazon will also use your look book to recommend pieces of clothing that will look good on you, which you can of course buy on Amazon.

Oh yeah, all of those lookbook photos and video? You can share them with your friends on social media. There's also a live preview mode on Echo Look, so you just stand in front of your Echo with companion app in hand, twirling around and looking at whether your outfit works from the back without craning your neck to check a mirror.

Echo Look also does the same things the regular Echo does, so you have the full capabilities of Alexa at your fingertips. Just as with Alexa on every other Echo device, the Echo Look will get smarter as time goes on and new skills that take advantage of that camera are added. And, if you're worried about privacy, there's also a mic and camera off button.

The Echo Look is currently available in the US for $199.99, but you'll have to request an invitation to purchase it. There's no word on UK pricing or availability yet.

Amazon's new Echo Look wants to be your fashion assistant


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