Finally, the Amazon Echo works with your Bluetooth speakers

Amazon sneaks out the sneakiest little update that ever sneaked
Echo now supports Bluetooth speakers

One advantage the Amazon Echo Dot has had over the taller, full-fat Amazon Echo is its ability to pair with external Bluetooth speakers - but that's no longer the case.

Amazon has rolled out an update that will let you connect your Echo tower to any Bluetooth speaker you like. According to a tweet spotted by Slashgear, Amazon very quietly updated the Echo in the last few days, and it then confirmed to Wareable that the new feature is live. You can head to the support page on Amazon's site for tips/troubleshooting on pairing.

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The Echo's built-in speaker isn't bad, fine if you're just talking to Alexa, but if you're using Echo as a music player then you probably want to use something of better quality.

The Echo Dot's speaker has much less punch, so if you do use it for music streaming, chances are you're already pairing it with another speaker.

Amazon is rumoured to be working on a new Echo that will come with a touchscreen display. The smart home device has been a bigger hit than many would have anticipated, leaving Google on the back foot. Google Home is getting better though, and this year promises to be big for companies battling it out over voice control in the smart home.

Finally, the Amazon Echo will talk to your Bluetooth speakers


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